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Dentures services offered in North Houston, Houston, TX

Millions of Americans with missing teeth use dentures to repair their smiles. At Advance Dental, with two locations in Houston, Texas, general dentist Bryan Chu, DDS, and his team make partial and complete dentures in-house. Dentures can improve your oral health and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting. To request a denture consultation, call the nearest office or book online today.

Dentures Q&A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances that replace some (or all) of your permanent teeth. They restore your smile to its near-original condition while reducing your risk of gum recession and bone loss.

At Advance Dental, the team designs and manufactures dentures in-house. This process saves you time and prevents the hassle of visiting several dental offices.

What are the types of dentures?

At Advance Dental, the team offers several types of dentures, including:


Partial dentures

Partial dentures replace several teeth. A partial has a metal frame at the base, pink plastic gums, and several artificial teeth. The metal frame attaches to small metal clasps that your Advance Dental provider bonds to your existing teeth.


Complete dentures

Complete dentures replace an entire row of teeth on your upper or lower dental arch. You apply an adhesive before putting the dentures in to prevent them from shifting.


Implant-anchored dentures

If you don’t want to regularly remove your dentures, the team might recommend implant-anchored dentures. Implant-anchored dentures attach to dental implants –– small titanium posts that your Advance Dental provider inserts into your empty tooth sockets.


What does getting dentures involve?

At Advance Dental, getting dentures takes a single visit. The team designs and creates dentures in-house, using a combination of 3D printing and special manufacturing tools. 

Your provider reviews your dental records, completes an oral exam, and takes a series of digital X-rays. You qualify for dentures if you’re missing two or more permanent teeth. Next, your provider takes impressions of your mouth with a Primescan® intraoral scanner.

They upload your scans to a computer program and design a pair of dentures specifically for you. After finalizing the design, your provider transfers it to the in-house 3D printer. When the printer finishes with the appliance, your provider adds a base plate or metal framework with special tools. Finally, they have you try on the dentures to ensure a perfect fit.

Your provider makes adjustments to make sure the dentures feel comfortable and explains how to keep your dentures in optimal condition.

How long do dentures last?

Partial and complete dentures typically last 7-10 years* but you can extend their use by practicing good oral hygiene. The team at Advance Dental recommends rinsing your dentures after meals and snacks, brushing them regularly, and soaking them in an approved cleaning solution daily.

Call the nearest Advance Dental office to learn more about dentures or book online today.


*Individual results may vary